Madison Tax Solutions, Inc.

Santa Monica, CA







"We provide individual tax preparation with the personalization that software packages can't. We keep up-to-date with the changing tax laws, as well as your changing life events, such as the birth of a child, a new business, new home, or inheritance. As a tax accounting firm, we adhere to certain ethical standards and codes of professional conduct established by governmental bodies and peer organizations."


Was behind on taxes and freaked out when I got scary letters from the State for outrageous taxes owed --I wasn't sure why it was so much. Called here and she assured me I just needed to at least call the Franchise Tax Board and follow up. She gave me extra phone numbers to try just in case for the FTB. Based on what I knew, I shouldn't owe that much -- and in fact after calling, it sounds like I'll likely be refunded. She didn't even charge for the info. Meanwhile other tax services were quoting me $2600- $4k to help me resolve this. Whew thanks Madison! - June S.

Great services, helpful staff, and no hassle to get my tax issues sorted out quickly and effectively. I had huge tax problems before I called Madison Tax and now I have literally none. Everything was sorted out regarding my IRS issues in a timely manner. - Sam S.

Mina and her team at Madison Debt and Tax are awesome! Both my wife and I are Independent Contractors, and had fallen behind on a few filings. We called the IRS to get caught up, and that's when things got out of control; so many departments and representatives that don't know their own laws and procedures! After months of trying to make things right, they were only getting worse, and we were doing everything they asked of us!

That's when we sought professional help. Referred by another Independent Contractor in the Entertainment biz, Mina was able to help sort out the issues and guide us through the process. Her team finished up our tax returns to get us current, and did an amazing job. - Scott F.

Based on our experience with Madison, this is the year we'll be incorporating and streamlining the entire tax process, with Mina's help.