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"worksmart transforms people into kick ass creative thinkers, because good ideas can come from anyone in your organization. We facilitate creativity and creative thinking through unique hands-on workshops and training programs."


“Bringing our team together to make a cohesive large scale painting was incredibly collaborative and rewarding. We learned to see and acknowledge one another for the contributions we each make to our team. Many people on my team remarked that this was the best team building activity we have ever done. The painting now hangs in our office as a reminder of our experience.” — Mira Rosenthal, Google

“Our career team at Pepperdine had a great day of camaraderie, creativity and team building thanks to worksmart’s creativity workshop. It was fantastic to have guidance and direction on how to unleash the strength of our WHOLE team. Using “play” with LEGOS and other fun exercises, by the end of the day we had a better understanding of ways to work together and build on our collective strengths and individual contributions. Van’s style is no-nonsense, supportive, inclusive and she inspired us to participate freely and joyously. I would tell anyone working on a team to contact Van and get ready to have fun and start your innovation wheels turning! Thank you, Van! You’re awesome.” — Karen Weiss, Pepperdine University

“This training workshop is like no other. It was great! The setting was positive and vibrant and pushed us to use our creativity. Something we don’t often recognize in the work we do. My team left feeling inspired and motivated!” — Andi Wang, Partner & Attorney UdellWang

“I partnered with Van to deliver the keynote address at our quarterly company-wide learning day at Cornerstone OnDemand. The theme was “power to transform” and Van’s dynamic point of view on the power of play was a perfect fit! As a learning company, we’ve had dozens of presenters in the past who’ve spoken on a variety of topics but Van really stands out in the crowd. Her presentation was engaging, interactive and fun! Her use of visuals, storytelling and hands-on play with LEGOS kept the crowd intrigued and curious about what was going to come next. Her insights got us rethinking how we can intertwine work with play so that they aren’t separate activities, but instead complementary to get our brains and hands creating.” — Kalie Waits-Smith, Cornerstone OnDemand

“We wanted to host an event that would leave our staff feeling inspired and united. Using creativity is something the team did’t expect, but fully embraced. The Team Appreciation workshop was very valuable in helping us develop team trust and communication. My team continues to rave about how much fun they had.” — Adam Smith, Golden Spoon

“After this workshop where we aligned our personal values to our company’s mission, I feel that I have even more passion, drive, and confidence to succeed at what I do. Personally, realizing that I am more than my job description empowers me to do more in my job, because I realize that it all comes down to personal growth!” — Veronica Valdivera, BeautyCounter