For Purpose Kids

Redondo Beach, CA







"For-Purpose Kids is a lifestyle brand inspiring the next generation of global citizens by teaching kindness and doing good as a way of life.

In the past year, For Purpose Kids has undergone a complete rebrand featuring a new logo, new website and newly updated products. In addition, we were recognized as a Parents Choice Awards® Subscription Box Winner in 2019, one of 9 subscription boxes chosen for this prestigious designation.

With this honor, we're looking forward to inspiring even more kids to be kind & do good in the world for others, animals & the planet!"


"For-Purpose Kids they inspire kindness in kids through volunteering with a focus on helping others, animals & the environment (target age 5-10 year olds). They also offer Toolkits and events around each theme." - Anna Marie

"I absolutely love the concept of immersing children in philanthropy so that they can be wonderful stewards of the home we all call planet earth. I purchased a wonderful package from Misty that I fell in love with and it will be my go to gift for children of my family members and friends, I believe together we will go far!" - Ellen Mitchel

"We received our For Purpose Kit in the mail and were so impressed by its contents. The ideas in the book cover a range of options and allow the opportunity for kids of all ages to make a difference in their local communities. The activities have not only sparked conversations within our family about the many ways we can help others, but also has shown my girls that you are never too young to be a giver and a doer. The logo on For Purpose Kids is the perfect representation of how we are all different yet are together on this journey of life - everything about the toolkit supports these inclusive values that I want my kids to experience and put out to the world. Misty has put a great deal of thought and detail into all aspects of her kit and it is reflected beautifully. Thank you for putting such a positive spin on how our kids can impact and help others." -Kate Gardener

"My children were SO excited to receive their kits. They enjoy journaling about their ideas to positively impact the world, learning about new ways to give back, and writing/taking pictures of things they do to help their community and the world around them. I'm thankful that the For-Purpose Kids are inspiring my children to think about what they can do to help others and make our world a bit better through their actions. I'm sure they will have their books for years to come." - Jill Marie Porter

"I am so very proud of Misty's endeavors in promoting todays children in becoming better citizens in our world. I have purchased the Tool Kits for my grandchildren hoping they will grasp the thought and incorporate it in their lives. Keep up the good work! And I hope everyone will spread the word." - Faith Gregg Evans