Health Care Transformation

Los Angeles, CA






"Health Care Transformation is a future-forward boutique tech + consulting firm that uses video programming to empower individuals and companies to improve physical + mental health and optimally navigate the U.S. healthcare system."


“I had great success with the Health Care Transformation 6-week Wellness Transformation Program.  The weekly emails and videos were very informative and at a length that I could fit into my busy schedule.  The week 1 goal setting lesson was particularly effective as I realized the need to set a layer of weekly, monthly, and yearly goals to help me realize what I realistically wanted to achieve.  The wealth of ideas presented for meal prepping was very helpful since planning meals ahead of time can be an intimidating endeavor. This program really covers all the bases in a succinct, efficient manner and I lost 17 pounds while completing the program.  More importantly, I’ve continued to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle since.” 

— Matt N. (Father & Dentist in the Midwest)

“I found Health Care Transformation’s 6-Week Wellness Transformation Program very effective in simplifying the foundations of what it is to lead a healthy life. It completely shifted my relationship with food and exercise simply because there were key concepts that I had missed! Prior to this program, I felt overloaded with information that never really got me anywhere closer to my long term goals. It felt intimidating at first, but the way this program is structured to layer more information every week through online videos and tracking systems, it really makes the challenge achievable and sustainable! Whenever I had questions or misunderstandings, it was so easy to go back to the basics with the videos or to reach out to Kelsey directly to get feedback. I definitely feel more capable and confident in the day to day choices I make to nourish my mind and body! It’s been about a month now since I was a part of this program, and still going strong. My clothes are looser and everyone keeps asking me if I lost weight! Thanks again, Meghan and Kelsey!”

— Ruby S. (Receptionist at Fashion Company in Los Angeles, CA)