Health Coach Gals

Los Angeles, CA






"We are worldwide health and lifestyle coaches. The Health Coach Gals are here to guide you through a transformational MIND SHIFT program. We understand everyone is unique and every client has their own unique path.

Our programs are NOT about depriving you of eating things you love, or putting you through grueling fitness regimes. We take your individual “self-map” and guide you in discovering new ways to live and love the life you have always wanted.

In short- we support our clients in achieving their health and life goals through lifestyle and habit change. Together we have designed the 90 Day Transformational Program that we truly believe in.

Our coaching is worldwide via Skype and phone.

We have created multiple coaching platforms to help you live your best life!"


“It has truly transformed the way I live my life…” - Marla

“After completing the 90 transformational program, I have found a new sense of focus and understanding of the daily habits that I need to be accountable for.  My coach, Jenna, wrote out a great plan to help me change my bad habits and put me on the right path of making better choices. I was one to barely eat all day, then stuff my face with pizza or a burrito. This program really helped me understand the importance of eating more often and eating foods that fuel my mind and body. Just these changes alone gave me so much more focus and energy throughout the day! Our weekly sessions held me accountable and helped me better understand food as fuel.  Since the completion of the program, I eat right, I manage my time and work flow better, and have accomplished the goals I set during our first session. I highly recommend!” - Jason

“I just completed a 90 day course with Jenna and I cannot rave enough about my experience- I honestly don't think I've ever felt better in my life! Jenna guided me in a way that never felt judgemental- just experimental...what would work for me. I used to cringe when I heard the words "meal planning" but now I know that meal planning isn't scary- it doesn't have to be some highly structured event that takes hours of your week and that was a relief! This was the greatest gift I could give to myself...heck, it was the greatest gift I could give to my family!!! I feel like I can take on the world and that I have the tools to help me do it. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you Health Coach Gals!!” - Jen C.

“I recently completed the 90-Day Transformation with Seana Mahoney. I myself am a licensed psychologist and have been in the field for nearly two decades. One can say that I have read it all, seen it all, tried it all, and processed it all both as a clinician and since I live and breathe personal development in my own life. Needless to say, when we started, I told Seana I wasn’t feeling very hopeful that the program would give me much more than I had already experienced in my years of being in the field. Boy, was I wrong! Seana was fantastic. She gets people on a deep level and is able to connect in way that exceeds many of my seasoned colleagues. Her gift of who she is coupled with the very structured weekly coaching curriculum made this a one-of-a-kind experience for me. I can truly say that the insight I gained along with the habits I formed with Seana’s help have already made my life better and will serve me for years to come. Anyone would be lucky to work with her! I wholeheartedly recommend the 90-Day Transformation Program with Seana if you’re looking to level-up your life and fall in love with yourself (in a healthy way) all over again.” - Dr. Marjan M.

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