Cafe Leza










"I provide high end chef services for clients with a spectrum of preferences including vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, gluten free, sugar-free and much more! From dinner to dessert I bring what's on the cutting edge in style, flavor and flair to every client's party table. I specialize in homey, rustic bistro style cuisine and desserts fusing together heightened nuances of flavor from around the globe. Marrying cultures deliciously to delight of my clients." I use a combination of organic, all natural, sustainable ingredients. ALWAYS FRESH, ALWAYS REAL prepared with LOVE.


Having Chef E cater is a dream come true! A fundraising event for 65 people in my home was no easy feat but she did it with incredible ease and I got to enjoy both the food and the evening. There was something for everyone on her menu and the guests enjoyed every bite. Her presentation and attention to detail was evident in every dish and her passion and love for food came through! - Synthia Praglin

Incredible food, incredible service!!! Wish I could give more stars!! Every single plate I tasted was definitely divine! First class! - Tsolair Hovsepian

Chef E came to my home to prepare my husband's birthday dinner and it was amazing! I gave her a list of ingredients that I already had at home and told her I wanted something on the barbecue with a light Persian flavor. She made an incredible menu of Sangak - a Persian whole wheat flat bread with Valbreso French Feta topped with Cracked pepper olive oil and fresh basil and Classic hummus with caramels shallots for an appetizer and dinner that included an arugula salad with a balsamic basil shallot vinaigrette, cauliflower florettes that the kids demolished, grilled lemon chicken (perfectly cooked), basmati rice with aromatic herbs and WINE!!!!! All extremely healthy and she cleaned the dishes!!! Hands down awesome food and Elizabeth is a pleasure to have in the kitchen. - Michelle Mackey Tepper