Los Angeles, CA






" I'm a believer in that you only get out what you put in. This is why I put so much into my business and when I say business, I mean getting to know my clients. Photography can be, and should be, an intimate viewing of your relationships - may they be with family, business partners or even your own clients. We bridge that gap visually and its very satisfying!"


"Bree is an absolute pleasure to hang out with, especially when she's in her happy place taking photos of the people and places she loves. Her passion for creating beautiful images that will capture a memory, day, or feeling is truly evident in everything she does, starting with how comfortable she makes you feel to how much fun she encourages you to have with the shoot. Would highly recommend Bree for portraits, weddings, engagement shoots, and beyond!!" - Natalie Howard


"This year Bree photographed my engagement shoot and my wedding. She did such an amazing job! You can tell she has a passion for her work. Her eye for lighting and being able to capture your most candid moments are unmatched. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to photograph a special day or event." - Rachel & Eli McGee


"We use Bree to photograph construction projects for our company, Shenon Construction. The way she captures properties is pretty incredible. It is an amazing keepsake for our customers. For us, the images serve as an advertising tool, and the potential clients who see them are truly impressed. Bree is detail oriented, from being particular with choosing the right time of day to obtain the best lighting to making sure the magic of someone's home transformation is truly captured. We highly recommend her for any kind of building or construction photography, and if you are really trying to impress your clients." - Shenon Construction