Teach Play Learn

Los Angeles, CA






"Teach Play Learn is a boutique educational concierge that helps families with children of all ages simplify, customize and co-create educational plans so that all can succeed and thrive.  

Our renaissance team, wildly diverse services list, and holistic approach makes matching your family with perfect fit resources for the educational journey ahead efficient, simple — dare we say — even fun! Imagine navigating the limitless options at your fingertips with ease. ::cue soothing ocean sounds:: Picture the kids excited to learn, a personalized plan your family agrees on in motion, and you with all your hair. Triple win!"



"When Jenn came to our home to introduce the Concierge program to us we were between schools for Spring 2016 of 9th Grade. She was extremely helpful in guiding me through home-school, hybrid and full-time school options for our son. Jenn is a great communicator and very resourceful when it comes to finding a solution or a multiple solutions to an academic need. And the tutors that came to our home during this transition were also top notch. Both Indy and Sam engaged and inspired our son in a full slate of 9th grade classes. From Algebra 1B to Intro to Spanish all needs were met. We are now enrolled in a private school but regularly my son mentions his Tutors and the things they shared with him about their own very interesting and rich lives. I can highly recommend Teach Play Learn to families looking for a fresh, innovative, 21st Century level of support for them and their student(s) what ever the age. Thank you team TLC for making everything that seemed so hard go so well." -Kristin N. (TPL Mama)

"Teach Play Learn connected my daughter with a supportive in home tutor, Hannah. She was able to present the math concepts she was struggling with in so many different ways, we were thrilled. When we learned she was moving, founder, Jennifer was able to accommodate my daughter with an online tutoring platform with same tutor who was now living across the country. We were thrilled with the continuity it provided my daughter, she was still able to work with her twice a week, using ZOOM and a digital camera rented from TPL. My daughter is thriving and we couldn't be more thrilled with the progress she is making." - Carrie M. (5th grade parent)