Join business coach, speaker, and media expert Kylie Hodges to help hone your message and learn how to get it out there

I’m Speaking

You’ve got a message, a mission – something that you want to share. Here at BRA, we *know* you’re the bee’s knees. But does the rest of the world know?

Getting yourself (and your message) onto stages requires a combination of having a rock-solid message, a focused community you’re talking to, consistent networking and marketing, and a heck of a lot of persistence.

Join business coach, speaker, and media expert Kylie Hodges for a reboot of BRA’s “I’m Speaking” Push-Up Group!

This monthly Zoom call will not only help you make progress toward honing your message and the strategy to get out there, but also the community, support, and confidence you need to shake off the inner critic and make big moves on a regular basis. Let’s get you booked, baby!

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, August 22nd @ 4:00PM (PT)

Tuesday, September 19th @ 4:00PM (PT)

About Kylie Hodges

Kylie Hodges is a business coach, speaker and media expert who helps ambitious community-builders convert enthusiastic fans to paying clients by building and growing profitable businesses. She’s on a mission to end the loneliness epidemic by teaching the world to take our power back from shame, and own and embrace our humanness in service of feeling a greater sense of belonging.

Previous to entrepreneurship, Kylie has a background in marketing, sales, PR, digital content creation, tech and TV production, giving her a unique approach to creating profitable businesses through personal connection. She’s been featured by national media like CNN,, and the TODAY show speaking on behalf of a Fortune 500 company, interviewed celebrities on the red carpet, and spoken about leadership, career and personal growth on virtual and physical stages at universities and organizations.

Outside of work, you can find her at a comedy show, yoga class, or on the couch giving her elderly dog belly scratches.

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