2019 Holiday Gift Guide

This year, In lieu of a BRA Boutique Pop Up Shop that only encourages shopping on ONE day, I am crafting an online Holiday Gift Guide that features BRA Members and their products or services in a full color shopping catalog that will directly link shoppers back to your website to purchase.

Set to go live on Nov. 1st, you will have exposure for 55 days!

In previous years, I hosted the Guide on the BRA Website but since learning a thing or two at the last CourseSets, I will instead create a stand alone Holiday Gift Guide URL and add all the right keywords for better SEO and higher conversion rate, because - let’s face it - someone isn’t going to Google BRA Network Gift Guide, but they might Google:

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2019

  • Small Businesses Los Angeles

  • Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

How do I make money?

Conversions! When someone clicks on a picture of your product or service in the Holiday Gift Guide, it will take them directly to that product on your site to be added to their shopping cart. It’s that easy! This process ideally should take less than 3 clicks. SO it will be VITALLY important that your website is set up for e-commerce. We don’t want someone to get lost on your website hunting around for the product or service they want to buy, give up and check their Facebook. 

Just to be clear, BRA will not be handling any of the business transactions between you and the consumer, nor will we collect a percentage of your sale as a “finder’s fee”. The Holiday Gift Guide is an advertising and promotional tool only and it will cost you a one-time flat rate to participate and it will exclusively feature BRA Members.

How much does it cost?

One full page is just $100, or you can get two pages for $175. The Guide is capped at 30 pages.

What do I need to participate?

  • Professional, high quality, web resolution photos

  • Photos must have a white/grey/black background or they can be lifestyle photos. (Please include the name of the photographer.)

  • Website with e-commerce

  • Link to the products on your website

  • Short bio and professional head-shot

All assets due by Tuesday, October 15th.

How do I reserve my ad space?

Click the button below then choose the ad size to properly feature your products or services, select your desired placement, add it to your cart, and fill out the form describing your product(s) or service(s).

Ad space options: One page for 1-4 pictures or two pages to highlight 1-8 pictures

Placement options: Opt for Premium Placement to secure your spot in the first six pages of the Guide (limited; first come, first served) or choose Regular Placement and be placed in the Guide between pages 7-30.

Questions? Email bamf@bra-network.com.

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SEE an example  of the format we’re going to use.

SEE an example of the format we’re going to use.