Summary of book:

I was lucky enough to have the living breathing version of "Tips, Tales & Truths" when I was in high school with Dr. Colon personally guiding me through the daunting process of college admissions. She was honest and direct while simultaneously being encouraging and tender, and she just knew her stuff. She fully supported me in my ambitions, and didn't tell me I was crazy when I wanted to start working to improve my SAT scores as a 15 year old amidst the hectic schedules of soccer practices and school dances and simply being a teenager. I'm so thrilled teens will have her book as resource! It's like putting yourself in the chair across from Dr. Colon's desk.

-- Molly (Heintz) Moriarty
Marymount High School '02; Yale University BA '06; USC MA '10 Currently Senior Vice President of Marketing for a mobile tech & advertising company in Los Angeles (and mother of 2)

Cost and where to purchase:

$19.99 on Amazon, or just click here: tipstalestruths.com