PlyoJam - Dance Powered By Plyometrics



by: Stacey Beaman & Jason Layden

PlyoJamʼs innovative workout combines cutting-edge dance moves with short, explosive plyometric exercises that tone, shape and transform the body. The format includes fun and sexy routines set to today’s hottest music. You won’t even notice the jump training built into to each routine that’s giving you a calorie scorching workout!

Not a dancer? Not a problem! Beginners will feel like superstars as they tear it up with our exhilarating and surprisingly intense, yet easy to follow routines. Created for anyone and everyone, get ready to train like an athlete and dance like a pop star!

Try a Free Sample Class then sign up for our Online PlyoJam Class Membership to workout with us from anywhere! You’ll get the support you need and the community you deserve to help you meet your fitness goals this year.