By: Lizzie Lahive

LAHIVE is a “made in Los Angeles” fashion label designed by Lizzy Lahive. Luxe materials and modern details for the woman who embraces her femininity with bold confidence.

Lizzy Lahive created her namesake collection in honor of the many strong women in her life. As an FIT graduate, she worked in major design houses in NY before life took her to LA. Lizzy found that after she had kids, she wasn’t putting the time into making herself look and feel good. She wanted to ignite that sexy, confident, woman inside of her again, and so she started designing and making clothes.

“I give my customer an essence of a designer piece at an attainable price. A piece in which they will walk out feeling luxurious, beautiful and sexy... You will always stand out in a LAHIVE.” — Lizzy Lahive, Owner and Designer of LAHIVE