Course Facilitators

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Emily is a lawyer, artist, and amateur tarot card reader. She started her career by leading the legal team at the documentary film based nonprofit, Invisible Children. After surviving the viral video phenomenon that was KONY 2012, she co-founded Wilkinson Mazzeo to provide approachable legal support for small businesses, nonprofits, and artists. Her spirit animal is Miranda Hobbes.

CourseSet: Ready to Hire! Best practices when you're hiring your first employee

Learn the ins and outs of hiring. Topics covered:



Baily Hancock is a Career and Business Strategist who teaches people how to collaborate with their community to achieve their goals, whether that's making a career change or growing their business.

A natural-born connector, Baily has spent her career growing and nurturing her network and finding ways to collaborate along the way. She works with entrepreneurs to help them amplify their company's reach and influence with partnerships, and with professionals to help them find happiness and fulfillment in their careers. A self-described, "Type-A with a dash of woo," Baily is equal parts strategic and supportive. Whether you're coming to her in need of direction in your career or you're looking for ways to make more revenue in your business, she's got your back.

CourseSet: Collaboration is the New Competition: Growing Your Business with Partnerships

You have a great product or service, you've identified who your target customer is, and your branding is on-point. Only problem? Getting new customers to know how great you are. How do you get the word out and make more revenue without spending a ton of money? Collaboration!

In this workshop with Collaboration Consultant, Baily Hancock, you will:

  1. Create your “Asks & Gives” list to get clear on want you want from a partner and what you can barter with them
  2. Identify 5 - 10 potential partners that you can reach out to today
  3. Write a perfect initial outreach email that will actually make a potential partner want to respond
Courtney Paige Ray - Branding Photographer


The power of photography resides in the art of storytelling. As a Branding Photographer for creative entrepreneurs, I seek out the small details that make your story unique. Before I started my photography business, I was a journalist—a professional storyteller—for nearly a decade. Just as then, the truest moments inspired my work and still do. In your story, I love the special details that most people might overlook. I like to form a bond with my clients because you've chosen me to do something unique: Tell your story in an artful manner. My goal is connect with you, to give you a comfortable space where you can be yourself in front of my camera. I'm a photojournalist—just for you.

My specialty is pulling moments of authenticity from my subjects—yes, even if you think youʼre awkward in front of the camera. I got you, babe. No matter if youʼre born camera ready or if youʼve never cracked a smile for a lens in your life—thereʼs a beautiful photo of you waiting to be made. I learn how to bring out your personality and make it shine in photos. In making your photo, Iʼm creating art from your story.

It brings me so much joy to support other entrepreneurs in their passions. Photos have become such a large part of building a business, and being able to use them effectively is so powerful.

CourseSet: Slay Socially: Creating your personalized content for Social Media

We'll go step-by-step together through Prep + Shoot + Edit: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Quick Guide to Improving Your Instagram Photos

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Amy Brownstein has worked in public relations for over 25 years. She specializes in getting the story told, in knowing the media and getting results. From her broad array of experience, ranging from personal, lifestyle and entertainment PR to corporate entertainment, music and film, she brings her passion, prestige and stellar contacts to the table to get the job done without the complications and trappings of a big agency.  She owns her own firm PRStudio USA.

Her unique approach to PR comes from the world of advertising. It allows her to use her skills, database of contacts, and drive, to weave newsworthy stories for the media, find classy opportunities to cross pollinate relationships between clientele in different industries, and broker strategic partnerships and alliances. She also has successfully brokers paid opportunities, spokesperson deals and other arrangements, yielding stellar results. The firm creates a customized strategy and implements it with deliberate pitches, complete attention to detail, and an out of the box creative approach. 

Not only representing top Oscar nominated talent and entertainment figures, she ran PR for start-up internet companies, as well as representing places like the country of New Zealand during “Lord of the Rings,” working with Fun Jet Vacations to bring travel and tourism back to Mexico after a major hurricane destroyed Cancun, and launching beauty, shoe and accessory lines, for such notable talent as Susan Lucci, Ramona Singer and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. She promotes fiction and non-fiction books and is always networking to enhance brands in lifestyle with interior designers, caterers, doctors and experts. She also represented the SyFy network's online pilot initiatives, handled celebrity partnerships for Soles 4 Souls and was the go to publicist in NY for theater actors wanting to break into film and television . 

Amy has placed her clients everywhere, from national television to monthly magazines, blogs to newspapers. The full list of Brownstein's achievements is much too vast to fit on a single page. However, Brownstein has placed clients in publications such as Allure, Elle, Vanity Fair, the New York Times, Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, People magazine, Live with Kelly and Ryan, The View, Today show, The Talk and more.

CourseSet: Demystifying Public Relations - Get your brand noticed! 

Details coming soon!



    Digital media maven Shayna Marks is the founder of Citrine Marketing. She believes that behind every great brand is an even greater story. Stories about love, loss, family, friends—the very things that make us human—are also elements of the brands we know and love. It's our passion to discover unique brand stories, craft them into narratives and share them with the world. She builds and executes stratagies and tactics that help your brand achieve your goals, tell your story and engage your audience.

    CourseSet: One-woman Show: How to Plan & Execute for Social Media Success

    Social media—whether you love or hate it, you know you need it. Whether you believe it or not, you have the skills it takes to kill it on social media, all it takes is a little planning, a lot of heart and great "toolkit." This Courseset will equip you with all of the tools and everything you need to learn about:

    • Which social platforms are right for you and why
    • Building and planning a social media editorial calendar
    • Finding and creating killer content
    • Engaging your community and building your following
    • Driving leads and sales


    Libby Crow teaches creatives and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses online. Through her coaching, online courses, retreats, and masterminds she bridges the gap between internet marketing and soulful service making the ‘business’ part of business less confusing and more fun! Her movement, Behind the Dream, is dedicated to giving visionaries a look underneath the hood of what it takes to create and run a successful business online. Libby works her philanthropic muscle all around the world and is currently she’s planted in Santa Monica, California. Most people know her as The Human Sparkler as she's sure to charge you up and leave you with a smile.  

    CourseSet: Strategies to structure your email campaigns and build relationships with potential clients through intentional copy. You'll learn how to use email marketing to build relationships with potential clients. You'll learn the exact steps to create an email sequence (aka a funnel) from the moment someone subscribes to your email list to the moment you make an offer.

    Prerequisites: Come prepared knowing your ideal client and what your current offers are!

    Hilary Hartling


    Hilary Hartling is a Brand Strategist and Personal Branding Coach, having successfully “re-branded” herself from her first career as a film marketing executive. After 15 years specializing in integrated brand partnerships and synergy at Disney and marketing films from global brands including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks, she decided to take her branding experience and use it to empower women to go after what they really want.  Her mission is to help visionary entrepreneurs clarify and express their brand to captivate their audience and grow a business they love.  Learn more about Hilary’s branding programs & workshops at

    CourseSet: Strategize Your Brand's Competitive Edge with Hilary Hartling

    Learn how to define and use your competitive edge to create a brand that attracts more of the right clients to your business.  Every successful brand knows who their target audience is and how to create messaging that resonates with them.  Whether you're launching a new brand or up-leveling your existing one, this course will help you ask the right questions so you understand how to grow an impactful brand that makes money.

    My passion is empowering you with the same solutions Iʼve employed to get to the heart of my brand. Getting crystal clear on my mission & vision not only gave me direction for my life, but immediately up-leveled my business. Youʼll learn the same strategies to define your unique edge, tell your compelling story, and gain clarity to leverage your talents. Youʼll elevate your brand to create a biz you love.



    Claire Van Holland is dedicated to financially empowering creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and startups she believes in. She founded CV Ledger after working years of working in corporate media crunching numbers, building financial projections, budgets and analyses, Claire realized that she could provide more impact by using her left brain experience to help smaller business achieve financial autonomy through consistency & operational automation. She communicates in a straightforward & visual style that creatives can relate to and appreciate. Her creative endeavors include running furniture design business M.F.E.O. with her husband Aaron, dabbling in jewelry design and 15+ years of formal dance training.

    CourseSet: Money Mindset - Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs 

    Getting into the right Money Mindset, is no easy feat, especially when the success of your business rides on it. With so many things to do when launching and running a business, getting your financial house in order is of utmost importance if you're going to build an empire. In this CourseSet, today isn't just the beginning of a new day, it is the day that you can finally get straight with your money, where you will learn: 

    • How to organize your business financials to scale for success
    • How to set up and manage a budget that you can stick to
    • Tips and tricks on what you can and can't write off in a business 

    Prerequisites: Please come prepared with the following...

    • A list of your major business expenses in 2017 
    • A list of your major business income streams in 2017 (if you only have 1 or 2, that's perfectly fine)
    • How much you spent across your major business expenses in 2017
    • How much you earned across your business in 2017
    • How much you want your business to earn in 2018