Catering Concierge

Los Angeles, CA







"I’m a food matchmaker! I connect clients to the right catering company or chef, because ‘one size does not fit all’. My services are free of charge to clients because the caterer or chef pays me to be their ‘Front of House ‘."


“I don't know if I can give enough superlatives about Elayne and her catering teams. They do almost every event we do now (and it is many)

The food is always glorious. Always. Tasty. Beautifully presented. And stunningly consistent, no matter if it is a meal for 15 or 500. There are a few things I beg for almost all the time (the breads are astonishing) but the other thing I appreciate is that the menus are creative and varied -- and everything is delicious.

The staff are wonderful. They treat our guests like they were their own -- there is a level of personal warmth and engagement that is consistent and helps to create the kind of warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes the donor cultivation we do easy. It still amazes me that the staff will often remember some guests from one event to another and will recall what they like to drink, or a particular appetizer they enjoyed, etc. We get comments after almost every event about how great the service is, and how well-attended our guests feel.

The other thing worth mentioning is that Elayne and the staff are just fanatical about detail. She thinks very carefully about the type of event and what is most appropriate. We did a very high-end VIP lunch for General David Petraeus when he was considering an appointment at our School -- Elayne hand-lettered individual menus for each guest -- Petraeus was so impressed he tucked his into his suit pocket and took it with him after the lunch.

When we were doing an event at a faculty member's house who had just moved in and hadn't finished renovating, Elayne tactfully worked with the hosts to create a much more finished-looking event space... she worried and fretted about how it would look with a passion that was greater than anything any of my staff brought to the event, and the resulting evening was one the hosts enjoyed as much as the guests. They had been a bit nervous about the unfinished state of their home, and that night they felt like they were entertaining in a palace.

You can't go wrong with Elayne and her people Use them. Trust them.” — John S.