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Sheila is a transformation coach, author and TEDx speaker. She has a passion for helping women unleash levels of success they never thought were possible. Combining over 35 years of experience developing leaders in Fortune 500 companies with neuroscience backed mindfulness and mindset shifting techniques, Sheila helps clients and companies create lasting, transformational change through one on one coaching, compelling workshops and inspirational keynotes Her process allow clients to go deeper and explore new shifts in perspective through self trust. In her book, "The Power of Living Unscripted: Reclaim Creative Control of Your Life" she shares the story of the shifts she made that transformed her life to one that has people regularly asking "what's your secret?"


“My experience with Sheila has been transformative. I began working with her to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for a major life event, and had a short term goal I wanted to reach. I quickly realized how impactful the work we were doing was on every facet of my life, and elected to continue working with her after the event. Sheila has done wonders in helping me develop a daily routine to regulate my nervous system, align with my desires and goals, and has transformed how I feel about the world. I feel more connected to myself and my purpose than I ever have. Working with Sheila will change your life!” Jacqlyn S. “It is rare that you find someone with both the skills and compassion to help you navigate your personal development journey. I was fortunate to find that combination in Sheila. Sheila coached me for over a year, walking alongside me as I navigated my growth and wellness journey. She asked the right questions, recognized patterns that were holding me back, and graciously held me accountable. I walked away from each session with exactly what I needed - even when I wasn’t sure what I needed until it happened.” “I had a challenging relationship with a team that wasn’t delivering the service I relied on to achieve my results with a huge client. Sheila asked me a few questions to uncover what was blocking my ability to turn the situation around. I could immediately see how I could shift my results. It was so simple, yet it allowed me to turn around my relationship with the team and my results with the client.”

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