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"As a certified business strategy coach and mindset mentor, Gail helps entrepreneurs align their business goals with their life goals so that they can move forward with confidence and a clear vision and plan for what they want to create and put out into the world. She guides and supports her clients on the path to becoming conscious leaders, masters of energy and mindset, creators of empowering habits, and manifestors of success." Gail is the founder of The Productivity Space, a virtual co-working space where entrepreneurs and freelancers go to get motivated and make progress on their tasks. Adapting the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, The Productivity Space hosts guide attendees through Pomodoro-style work sprint sessions and share tips on optimizing productivity with the mission to help people transform the way they think about productivity and success.”


"Through a subtle mix of business and life coaching, Gail has truly helped me think of not just my company’s contribution to this world, but also my personal contribution. Sometimes I can get so sucked into the process and she pulls me back to my core values and purpose which reminds me to see the overall picture instead of a myopic view.” “My conversations with Gail are problem-solving discussions with input from her experience and knowledge. Time spent with Gail is full of possibilities and positive energy, and best of all, I know that she’s on my side and sincerely wants me to succeed.” “ I cannot begin to describe her deep abyss of personal connection; I remember when I first spoke with her, it was like we had known each other for a long time. This is something special that does not happen very often in life, which I will always treasure.” “The perspective I have gained by working with Gail has truly added to my life; personally and professionally. I feel very blessed to have met and to be working with Gail.” - Tan Chin "Life is a journey where we meet and interact with individuals, each mirroring back to us what we need to learn and grow and become more. Once in a great while, our paths intersect with a Powerful Soul who has the presence to become the catalyst for a radical transformation to occur within us. When this happens we can only hope that we have the ability to recognize them for who they are and what they can offer us.” Gail Baral is one such Soul whose light was the catalyst to transform me, help me to see my own shadow, and ultimately assist me to transcend my smallness and take my place in leadership on the planet. My sessions with Gail helped me to confront and move through old patterns of mental/emotional thoughts and behaviors that kept me trapped in linear thinking for the greater part of my life. ‘Eternal gratitude’ is the closest I can come to describing how I feel about Gail." - Christopher A. Pinckley


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