Alex Smith & Hannah Tyree
Full Umbrella Talent
Los Angeles, CA
BRA Member Since 2023


Alex Smith & Hannah Tyree




“Full Umbrella Talent is a women and LGBTQ+ owned recruiting firm, helping companies & orgs grow with intentionality.”


"I've had a great experience working with Alex and the Full Umbrella team. They're professional, efficient, timely, put forward high quality candidates and always a pleasure to work with! They placed six people in six months and helped to improve the overall diversity of our team. I highly recommend their services!” - Aaron Zukoski "Full Umbrella exceeded my expectations as a recruiting partner. The caliber & diversity of candidates they sent me and the rigor with which they managed the process was the best I've seen. As a result, we found and hired an exceptional candidate in less than 2 weeks for a crucial senior leadership role- I was mentally prepared to wait for 3 months so this was a huge win. We will be tapping Full Umbrella for all of our strategic hiring needs." - Ashley Brucker Stepien "I had the benefit of working with Alex and the Full Umbrella Talent team for our outside recruiting needs. They put forward top knotch candidates and ultimately helped us find a fantastic sales leader. I appreciated their high touch communication and hustle, and would definitely recommend their services!" - Shaun Oaklee

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