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CourseSet pronounced “/ˈkôrsət/”

noun - A set of courses designed to meet the specific needs of female business owners at any stage of their careers.

Used in a sentence: CourseSets are small, intimate gatherings of like-minded professional women working as a cohort to improve their current or future businesses.

Much more than just another workshop, CourseSets are guaranteed to provide business growth, attainable action plans and networking opportunities for all attendees. You'll leave with a more focused “to-do” list and other talented ladies cheering you on along the way.



Learn how Pinterest works, best practices, and how to integrate your blogging strategy to drive traffic back to your website.

Learn how to hone your motivation and willpower to reach any goal you want, in business, social life, financial management, relationships, health, and more.

Learn search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, as well as simple and effective strategies you can implement to grow your bottom line.