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"I'm in my second career, having reinvented myself from movie marketing executive to a Brand Synergist & Personal Branding Coach.  My goal is to empower professional and creative entrepreneurs with the clarity, inspiration and confidence they need to create an authentic brand that leverages their expertise, expresses their mission and captivates their audience so they can build and grow the business of their dreams."


"I came to Hilary with a concept and dream for my company, Ranavat Botanics, and she turned it into a tangible mission, vision values and purpose! I loved that she was well prepared for our meeting and was 100% present during our session. I had a blast brainstorming with her and I left with a very clearly defined company that now had a soul and defined purpose attached to its mission. She knocked it out of the park." - Michelle Ranavat, Ranavat Botanics

"It’s always great to be able to say you were both productive and had fun working with someone - this applies to my experience with Hilary! Hilary’s 4 week Personal Branding Coaching program truly helped me better understand my personal brand. She guided me through the process of gaining an understanding of my personal brand, to being able to articulate it succinctly, to implementing my new brand in my business. I have gained confidence in myself and even secured my first client during this process! I would highly recommend Hilary to anyone either starting out or simply needing to redefine or clarify their personal brand!" -  Carolyn Yian, Marketing Consultant

"I tell my friends that my branding session with Hilary was like a much needed therapy session! So much soul-searching and so many great questions left me with a renewed vision of my business and a purpose to help me drive the change that is taking my business to the next level. Hilary's excitement, enthusiasm and understanding made the conversation authentic and helped to bring out the best in myself and my organization. I can't thank her enough for spending time with me and genuinely thinking about my company--I feel like I have my own personal cheerleader, one who has tons of experience and credibility!" -Jamie Shah, Chem-Impex