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Los Angeles, CA

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"Claire Van Holland is a creative first, who also likes crunching numbers. She is a true 50% left brain, right brain split. She fell into data analytics, financial projections and budget forecasting over the course of an extensive career in corporate media, which include Pandora Media, Disney Interactive & MySpace Media to name a few. After co-founding a furniture design business with her husband Aaron in 2011, she realized she could provide greater impact by using her corporate analytics experience to help other creatives achieve financial autonomy through collaboration. For small business, that entry point is with bookkeeping and day to day accounting. She launched the CV Ledger in early 2016 and currently partners with some of the most dynamic & creative client base."


Claire is the bookkeeper of my dreams! Not only has she educated me on the tools I need to run my business, but she is always there whenever I need help with anything. Her use of video calling and screen share is so helpful to someone like me who has to squeeze book keeping in between meetings. I really appreciate her modern approach to finance and problem solving and there is no question too big or small, she’s always been there when I’ve needed her. I will continue to highly recommend Claire’s services to all of my business owner friends, as I’ve had such a positive experience working with her! - Jenny Fancy, The Fancys

Working with Claire was a true pleasure. I feel like I have a clear headspace to run my business in a way that makes me feel empowered rather than defensive. Getting organized with Claire was a very quick and painless process (actually I had a blast!) and it has saved me SO MUCH TIME, because now I am able to quickly grab the numbers I need to pay taxes or write invoices, etc and run my business the way I want! - Michelle Ranavat, Ranavat Botanics

Working with Claire and her team at CV Ledger for the past few years has been pivotal to my growth of my business. Their organized and detail-oriented approach to accounting has allowed me to think more strategically in my business and plan ahead with confidence. On top of it all, they make tax time a breeze! - Jessica Comingore, Marbury Co.

Claire is an anomaly in the finance world in that, being a creative herself, she totally understands the aversion that many creatives have to data and finance. But unlike the rest of us, she actually enjoys crunching the numbers, helping her clients project expenses and revenue — and using that data to help them build the most effective business plan for their unique situation. Plus she is a GEM of a human and wonderful to spend time with. Clearly I am 100% #teamclaire. - Chelsea Sonksen, Bossladies Magazine