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Own the Traits of the Great

  • Santa Monica, CA United States (map)

One of the most common challenges I encounter with individuals is a lack of being able to see their own greatness, to understand their vision and purpose within the world.

This links back to our own individual level of self worth and confidence in who we are and what we do.

Our lives are a myriad of experiences that shape what we see and what we believe. If we grow up perceiving that the world outside of us and the individuals that reside within it have more than we do; more ability to make money, be loved, have intelligence, physical attractiveness, connection, business savvy, etc - we try to emulate their lives and do what they do to create what we want.

The challenge with that is it isn't Authentic to who we are and instead of honoring our own unique capabilities and qualities, we can't even see them.

The Universe in turn responds with challenges through experiences, health, wealth, relationships - any which way it can to get your attention so you can wake up and live a life congruent and authentic to you instead of someone else.

This kind of authenticity creates more empowering relationships, inspiring experiences, challenges that you face with enthusiasm instead of dread, internal health and more emotional balance and well being.

I have created a workshop with fellow Teacher and Business & Executive Coach, Amar Virk, to assist you in uncovering your own magnificence within.

This will be a full day workshop held in Los Angeles, CA where Amar and I will take you through a time tested and proven methodology that will give you the edge in life you desire.

It will assist you in:

Understanding your purpose more clearly as a whole
Increase your confidence in public speaking, group interactions, overall connection with individuals that you perceive as Great
Increased certainty in your own unique abilities (uncovering what is magnificent and specific within your own genius)
Giving yourself permission to play a bigger game/role in your life
Disrupting old patterns and cycles to allow yourself to evolve and grow
Begin to access a greater and grander long term personal vision
Learn and grow in an intimate setting with other individuals inspired to expand at this level
Tap into your own Authenticity and become who you are
The last being my favorite and most inspiring to teach as it gives you permission to remove the masks and persona's you create in an attempt to be loved in the world. Instead allowing you to show up as who you truly are and love yourself for being simply You - no matter what you have done or not done in this life.

Workshop Details:
Santa Monica, CA - Location TBA
9:00am - 8:00pm

Amar and I will be taking you through a proven methodology to assist you in Owning the Traits of those you perceive are Great. This can be anyone such as a celebrity (Oprah, Hugh Jackman), an individual that has made an impact on the world throughout time (Einstein, Queen Elizabeth), great thinkers (Aristotle, Hypatia), great leaders (Obama, Trump), those with physical expertise (Michael Phelps, Serena Williams), people who run powerful families (Rose Kennedy, John Rockefeller), great business minds (Elon Musk, Mary Barra) - or anyone else in your perception that is making an impact in a way that You Admire!

Our goal is to have you walking away with certainty that the very things you admire within the Great Individuals of the world is not outside of yourself. To give you permission to stop comparing yourself to the outside world and uncover the unique magnificence of your own genius within.

This will be an intimate group, so please message me to book your space if you are interested or if you have any additional questions. Amar and I will be touching base with you beforehand to uncover what is going on in your life, what you want to work through and who would be the most efficient and effective admired individual for you to tackle.

Event Cost: $550; BRA Members save $25 by signing up before 7/12

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