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Design Your Life Through Creativity & Play

  • Mar Vista, CA United States (map)

BRA Member, Van Lai-Dumone, is offering a workshop on living a purpose filled life.

Living a purpose filled life isn’t by accident, and it cannot be manifested by desire aIone. In this workshop, discover interests that are exciting and meaningful to you, and design a practical path to what’s next in your life.

Through a creative problem solving process, we will deliberately uncover and create your unique path, whether that means a complete overhaul in your career or just some added time on a hobby that brings you joy.

This workshop will give you the tools, space, and time to:

  • Clarify Your Values and Intentions

  • Create Possibilities through Ideation

  • Develop a Plan

All while addressing potential roadblocks and giving yourself permission to shape your own view of what success looks like.

What makes this process unique is the incorporation of creative tools such as LEGO Serious Play and a creative art project. You will be creating an ARTifact through painting and collaging to capture your work. (no prior artistic experience necessary, we promise!)

Who This Workshop Will Benefit:

We think anyone can benefit from time committed to self development! But, this workshop is most effective for:

  • Recent college graduates wondering what’s next

  • Young professionals looking to clarify their purpose and focus

  • Mid-lifers and sunsetters looking to find ways to incorporate their interests in the next chapter

  • Anyone feeling a little stuck and who could use a dose of meaning in your life

**This workshop will be held in West Los Angeles. The address will be sent to all participants.

Email Van if you have any questions!!

Event Cost: $45; BRA Members SAVE 20%! Use Code: BRA

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