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It's Always Summer Somewhere - Be Ready Now!

  • 3527 Spanish Gate Drive NEWBURY PARK, CA 91320 United States United States (map)

Lose inches on your lunch break!

The secret to losing inches of unwanted fat is NOT to destroy fat cells, but to DETOXIFY them.

Detoxifying fat cells will not only shrink them, but it will also increase your overall health.

NANO-CURRENT TECHNOLOGY has arrived for body sculpting! Body contouring with Osmosis Sculpt is the most advanced and effective holistic fat loss device in the world! Freezing and/or melting fat harms the body and often leaves patchy results.

OSMOSIS SCULPT works by using patented nano-current constant waveform technology. The advantage is that we create targeted fat loss by safely accelerating the detox and lipolysis needed to create long term slimming.

The Sculpt machine is a fantastic vehicle to help you find long term solutions to unwanted fat while working with the body and not against it. I love that I am able to offer a non-invasive alternative to body sculpting and muscle toning! When you add Sculpt into your already healthy lifestyle, it gives you that last push needed to really tackle those trouble spots that won’t budge with proper diet and exercise alone. Not only does Sculpt provide excellent inch loss for each and every treatment, but it also tones and lifts muscles.

You will also enjoy the relax function... which is incredible at giving deep therapeutic relaxation to the muscles. We are even seeing bodybuilder clients to help them get better muscle cuts and cosmetic surgical patients maintain their results after they are healed!

Amplify your results! Your new body awaits!

Joining us is the fabulous Andrea Reed from Moonstone Holistic Living and together we will show you what this baby can do to help you reach your personal health, fitness and business goals. Yes business goals! Enjoy light refreshments, get educated and motivated, watch/participate in live

Sculpt demonstrations:

* Fat detox * Muscle Build * Massage

Andrea is bringing her Sculpt machine, so that means a lot of inches lost in one day! We can run 4 people at the same time, so come on in to lose inches for lunch!We have more goodies & surprises in store for you - don't want to spoil the surprises!