Boost your brand and activate a 12-month strategic plan to get your business on the right path.

Forge lasting habits and actionable steps
to up-level your business by using your innate strengths
to overcome inherent obstacles and weaknesses.


I know how you feel -- like you’re in some sort of vast expanse with no one around to hear you for miles. If a tweet falls in the forest, but there are no followers to retweet it, did it even happen?

You might hear yourself mumbling in Starbucks from behind your laptop, “Why would anyone buy from me, there are hundreds of people selling the same product or service.”

What about that time you spent the whole morning crafting the most clever sales email to send to your subscriber list and only your mom replied back?

You’re lacking direction and are in need of a mentor or community to bounce ideas off of so you can get some feedback. Entrepreneurship often feels lonely, even if it’s your current side hustle.

It also begs the question: how can I possibly convert this side hustle into a profitable business when I’m a team of one? OR maybe even more accurately: why is pivoting this passion project into a profitable business a pain in the ass?

I know these thoughts all too well; they have snuck into my thought process a time or two (thousand).

One thing is FOR SURE; the idea of building a profitable business with the mentality that you “will learn as you go” isn’t gonna work...and neither is the prayer, “if I post about my product or service to social media, the clients will just come flying in!”


Some entrepreneurs jump right into the deep end of being a business owner. You’re so fueled by your own enthusiasm that you don’t see the road ahead clearly -- or the inheart problems that might occur from a lack of planning and discipline. Then, when you inevitably hit a roadblock, you tel yourself, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Well, here’s the hard truth. No matter if it is your first day as an entrepreneur or your 534th day, there is a moment when you have to stop and ask for directions. There’s no shame in asking for help, seeking guidance or advice. The shame comes from staying the current course and expecting a different outcome, even though you haven’t changed any systems or strategies. You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.

I created my own business, a network of female entrepreneurs called BRA - Business Relationship Alliance, from a position not dissimilar to your own. It’s grown and developed over the years and, throughout the process of meeting other female entrepreneurs and learning from and with them, I’ve honed my business savvy and combined it with the knowledge I gleaned from my past life as an educator to become a badass in starting and growing a business.


Here’s the thing — you actually CAN be working ON your business while you are working AT your business.


For example, you can be prepping for the launch of your latest offer or product at the same time you are tweaking your website. All you need is a strategic business plan that includes benchmarks and an accountability system in place. Then you can skip the trial by fire part.

You just have to be able to make a commitment to yourself and be OK with someone holding you ACCOUNTABLE.

Unlike other online courses that teach you some amazing new tricks of the trade and then send you adrift, the Business BOOSTier teaches you how to tap into and maximize your current talents and potential and, MOST importantly, this program holds you accountable. Kinda like that great mentor or former boss you had, but all of the ownership and credit goes to you! 

As much as we want to be our own bosses, what we didn’t anticipate missing when we made the leap into entrepreneurship was having someone to provide guidance, support and constructive feedback. That is how I work with entrepreneurs and business owners; I guide you through exercises that identify your strengths, but also light the way to work through those weaknesses. What you learn from this program will stay with you and you’ll even have the opportunity to check back in with me, halfway through the year that follows to check on the progress you’ve made! 

I’m a former principal and teacher leader turned entrepreneur who has been where you are. I've taken all the applicable tools I learned from being an educator to teach you how to grow with your business. I use everything from developing year-long lesson plans with milestones to tapping into a teacher's innate learning style to discover the best ways for them to strategize.

I’ve adapted the best most successful teaching practices and evolved them to become the best business practices. I’ve taken everything I know about structuring lesson plans for students with diverse needs to creating business plans that serve entrepreneurs with clients who have varying needs.

I created this course and accountability group because I want you to avoid the same mistakes I made when I started my first business. I support all female business owners, everywhere. It’s kinda my jam. So I can’t wait to see how I’ll get to support you throughout this course and beyond.

As thrilling as it is to be an entrepreneur, to be our own boss, to create our own hours, it can feel like it’s all for naught when we don’t have someone guiding us, providing positive reinforcement or constructive feedback. We want to be our own boss but we also crave the positive push from that awesome boss we once had.

This course offers the reinforcement you crave from that really cool mentor who only wants to see you succeed...ME! I’ll guide you through assignments that are going to get you on the right track, but I’ll also provide you with positive feedback and supportive accountability, all while cheering you on along the way.
The Business BOOSTier identifies several aspects of you, personally, and as an entrepreneur, that will help shape the way you run your business (whether you mean for it to or not). We’ll use these facets to help formulate a strategic business plan that will move your business forward towards tangible goals you’ll set with built-in milestones that will help you track your progress. Bonus/spoiler: you already possess everything you need to be successful; we’re going to use the strengths and good habits you already have in alignment with your goals for your business to propel you forward.


When I designed lesson plans, whether I was teaching Algebra or Chemistry, I knew the end result I was looking for was full comprehension of the educational standard. We will work together in the same fashion, looking towards our goals and working our way back from there to strategize and leverage what’s already working.


The Business BOOSTier Program Features:


‣ Access to the private Business BOOSTier Mighty Network, I promise it’s not another FB Group.

‣ Weekly access to me and the rest of your cohort, LIVE via Zoom.

‣ Comprehensive Business BOOSTier compendium and workbook.

‣ Power Statement/Elevator Pitch.

‣ Fully customized and actionable 12-month calendar including benchmarks and milestones for you to meet.

‣ Strategic marketing plan that capitalizes on your own strengths and neutralizes your weaknesses.

‣ A community of cheerleaders and ralliers to back you up and hold you accountable.



▾ ▾ ▾


For the first time ever, for just $99, I’m offering a
six-month milestone check-in with me over
half hour Zoom conference to audit your progress.

"Carrie is a wonderful speaker, and did a magical job of pulling in the audience. I’d been behind on my goal setting for the year, and a little unmotivated to do so. But Carrie gave me a whole new perspective on how to set goals and make them achievable. Also, she’s a treat to listen to! She’s always making us laugh and having fun."

— Courtney Paige Ray, Photographer
At the end of the day, you’ve gotta ask yourself, do you have a hobby or want a business?

The benefits of the Business BOOSTier are exponential, but I can’t do it for you. I need you here with me.

How many former principals who have a masters degree in education, who went on to become successful entrepreneurs are running online workshops?! 

I’m very passionate about your success and it’s completely within your grasp. You just need a strong foundation to build upon and I’m here to provide the scaffolding around your business as it prepares to get a huge BOOST.

"What I loved most about Carrie is that she offered a great mix of uplifting inspiration and practical application, helping us walk away not only feeling encouraged but also with tangible actions to help move us forward. I really appreciate Carrie's genuine heart for empowering women, which definitely came through in her speaking, along with her quick-witted humor that kept the entire room engaged and entertained as we learned.”

— Rachael Parker - Chavez, Social Impact Strategist


You are ready for this course IF YOU ARE:


‣ Already a business owner or have an idea for a business.

‣ Transitioning into entrepreneurship.

‣ Pivoting your passion project into a fully-functioning brand.

‣ Ready to get serious about making this business profitable.

‣ Ready to get to work.

‣ Ready to ID problem areas and work towards solutions.

‣ An entrepreneur in your first decade of business.

‣ Converting your side hustle into a full blown business and don’t know how to make the leap.

‣ Searching for a community and accountability group.

‣ Ready to make a positive commitment towards your personal and professional success.

‣ Ready to silence the imposter syndrome voice in your head.



Identify your strengths, key priorities, neutralize weaknesses and develop your POWER STATEMENT/ELEVATOR PITCH. (See what’s working for and against your business and how you can introduce yourself as a badass entrepreneur.)


Tap your confidence, silence the imposter, build the pillars of support and a business foundation. (Put a sock in the mouth of the self doubt and get real with yourself.)


Tap your habits and personality strengths that are serving you well and how you can apply them to your productivity. (Stop spinning your wheels, step off the roller coaster and get your house in order.)


First stages of building your 12-month strategic business plan. (Get ready to buckle down and do some homework.)


Analysis of opportunities and threats to optimize your marketing. (Get ready to do more homework, but this time we’ll be adding reflection and goal setting into the mix.)


Adding SMART goals, benchmarks and marketing strategy to your 12-month business plan. (Sh!t just got REAL; we’ll hold each other accountable and follow up.)


I’m excited to see you grow as an entrepreneur and start down your personal path to success. Let’s get to work!



Only $325, or $54 a week


What does $54 look like?

  • Movie tickets for two, large popcorn and parking (Add $8 more for the Red Vines and $25 for the babysitter).

  • A Gel Mani/Pedi with tip (add $10 for the glitter).

  • 6 Frappuccinos from Starbucks.

  • 2 T-shirts from the clearance rack at the Gap.

  • Eyelash extensions on ONE eye. (Add another $40 for the other eye).

  • A one-hour massage at that weird massage place that actually gives THE BEST massages.

  • 6 months of your Amazon Prime Membership.

  • Happy hour with a girlfriend on a Tuesday (Wait, that’s important, spend the $54 on that FO SHO but tell her to wait until after you finish the course).