The Every Day Action Gala – A BRA Collaboration of Epic Proportions

Co-founders of every Day Action, Hillary Cohen and Sam Luu, being interviewed

One of The BRA Network’s core values is that we aim to hire each other first. Looking for a graphic designer? Check the BRA Directory! Seeking a therapist? We’ve got one of those! Need an event designer? Check! How about an organizer? Done and done.

Every chance we get, we love to brag about our Members working together and prioritizing each other’s talents and genius. We love to see you hiring each other, referring each other to friends and colleagues, teaching each other, providing testimonials for each other and keeping the hiring (and money, honey) within your pockets. 

Over the years, we’ve had some incredible multi-member collaborations. However, we think the most recent Every Day Action Fundraiser Gala takes the cake! Hold on to your laptops, cuz this collab was EPIC! 


Every Day Action is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization founded by BRA Members Hillary Cohen and Samantha Luu. EDA’s mission is to reallocate excess food from film and television sets, events and grocery stores and redistribute it to the unhoused of Los Angeles. EDA’s mission is incredible and to date they have fed thousands of people. 

But no massive mission like this is possible without fundraising. 

Cue multiple events and fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to keep the mission going.  Every Day Action’s largest fundraiser is their spring Gala. It is a star-studded event full of great food, drinks, silent auctions, hobnobbing with celebs and most importantly raising money to support EDA’s cause! 

For anyone who has thrown an event, putting something like this together without spending too much money is truly a feat and Hillary and Sam could not have done it without so many Members of BRA Network coming together and lending their time, talents, support, and money to this incredible event!


Without further ado, here are the amazing BRA Members who collaborated with Every Day Action to make the 20204 Gala a huge success:

Soirée LA (an event design company) has loved supporting Every Day Action in their mission, by collecting leftover food from a number of special events that would normally go to waste. For the second year in a row, Soirée LA was fortunate enough to be able to donate all of the floral decor for the EDA Gala! This year felt particularly meaningful because the floral arrangements fit the theme by being fully reusable/recyclable Herb garden centerpieces in takeout food containers!

Jennifer Currier, Soiree LA with Carrie Murray

Lexie sits on the Advisory Board of Every Day Action. Through this, her team from her PR agency, GROWTH MODE, is also at EDA’s disposal as needed year-round. They helped produce and distribute a press release for the event, source sponsors, and pursued post-event red-carpet coverage – The Hollywood Reporter was an exciting one! Lexie was also on-site the day of the gala to help set up pre-event and assist in whatever way she could throughout the evening. Seeing everything come together was an experience Lexie will never forget. The evening was glam, inspiring, fun, exciting, and beyond exceeded her expectations. Lexie feels incredibly grateful that she was able to contribute in even a small way. BONUS: an ABC segment her agency had secured a couple months prior was showcased and leveraged to introduce attendees to EDA, so that was yet another exciting moment she will never forget. 

Lexie Smith, Stacey Beaman and Carrie Murray

Bernadette Marciniak & Solhaus Media donated videography services for the EDA gala. They interviewed attendees on the red carpet, recorded full video of everyone’s presentations, and created a sizzle reel to promote future events.

Contributing to the impact of Every Day Action is one of Bernadette’s proudest accomplishments. Activism and volunteering can sometimes feel defeating when the issues at hand are so large. But the spirit of Every Day Action’s mantra — to do something, anything, no matter how small, really makes it feel like being a part of their impact is making a difference. And it  truly warms Bernadette’s heart to see so many BRA Members contributing their skills and time to do the same — this community just ripples and builds on itself in such a beautiful way.

Watch the event sizzle reel (hot off the presses!) created by Bernadette and her team at Solhaus Media HERE

At the Every Day Action Gala, VIP guests enjoyed an exclusive early entry Whiskey Tasting Event, sampling Jackson McCrea whiskey. The co-founders Natasha McCrea and Sheila Jackson shared the inspiring brand story, along with a bit of whiskey education. Natasha and Sheila proudly partnered with Every Day Action by also donating two cases of whiskey so guests could enjoy a Jackson McCrea signature cocktail.

Natasha McCrea, Jackson McCrea Whiskey

Jordis Small, founder of Stellen Design, helped with the creative direction of the gala starting from concept. She designed the overall creative look for the event logo, invitation, and other creatives. Jordis’ design became the foundation for the aesthetic of the event.

Jordis Small, Stellen Design

Stacey Beaman, founder of Be.Woman Marketing, designed and executed the landing page for the event. The event page showcased the gala details, celebrity appearances, sponsor logos, last year’s sizzle reel, a slideshow of photos from last year’s event, FAQs, and a link to purchase tickets on Zeffy.

Stacey Beaman, Be.Woman Marketing and Carrie Murray

Generous BRA Member Financial Donors

Cat Curry-Williams, She Angels Foundation

Catherine Gray, She Angel Investors

It was a monumental night for Every Day Action, raising over $100,000. It is with great pride that we share how the BRA Network’s members were such an integral part of this epic collaboration!

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