Help Build the Netflix of Health Care with Meghan Nechrebecki

Meghan Nechrebecki

BRA Member Meghan Nechrebecki has always been incredibly passionate about healthcare. She was originally going to become a physician, but when she earned her Master's of Science in Public Health at Johns Hopkins, she says she learned how broken the U.S. healthcare system truly is.

“I decided to forego becoming a physician and work to fix the system. As I worked towards my passion of internally consulting with health system providers on how to reduce systemic costs and improve health outcomes, it became very clear to me that these health systems are not truly patient-centric. Much of how they operate doesn't engage or empower patients with the information they need. Patients end up making bad decisions that are very costly and end up with worse health outcomes, including death. I decided I needed to change all this and I left my management position at the UCLA Health system to build Health Care Transformation.”

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Health Care Transformation is a team of healthcare experts who understand where the system’s pitfalls are and what people need to know in order to advocate for themselves. Healthcare in the U.S. is expensive and we have the worst health outcomes of all the developed nations in the world.

Meghan and her team seek to change all that by engaging and empowering folks so they can advocate for themselves, and lead happy, healthy lives, both for themselves and their loved ones. They are working to drastically improve healthcare in the U.S.

Meghan’s goal is to transform the healthcare system to engage and empower consumers with the information they need to achieve their optimal health outcomes through the use of video. While they are working with health systems to help them change, it will take a while to turn the ship. So Meghan decided to create The Health Cube out of an understanding of how people want to consume information.

Meghan Nechrebecki

Meghan Nechrebecki

“We will crowdsource top healthcare expertise and curate the information into concise, engaging videos that tell you exactly what you need to know in order to navigate a healthcare situation. Maybe you are having your first baby or you are navigating a hospitalization, or signing up for health insurance.

No more reading confusing documents or sifting through Google debating what you can trust. You will be able to go directly to The Health Cube and navigate your situation with ease. We will also have content focused on physical and mental health improvement so you can avoid using the health system as much as possible and all of our content will eventually be multilingual.

Many individuals don't speak English as their first language and they need help too!”


Meghan and her team are currently campaigning to make The Health Cube a reality in order to have a widespread impact on people's mental and physical health!

They are looking for innovative backers who want to be a part of something really special. They seek to help people lead happy, healthy lives and would love for you to be a part of that.

Any amount is incredibly appreciated and please consider sharing with your networks because the more people who know about what they are building the more they can start a movement to improve care and reduce healthcare costs here in the U.S. and abroad!