How to Get (and Give!) Great Customer Testimonials

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I’ve been spending a lot of time in the BRA Directory lately. A LOT. That fabulous place FILLED with hundreds of professional women. The entire BRA team has been tweaking, cropping, embedding, updating and creating everyone’s profiles.

Reminder! As a member, you can send me any new content, photos, promotions and testimonials to update your profile. It’s important to keep it current!

In doing all of this, something caught my eye. There are so many of us who are actually fulfilling one of the main core values of Business Relationship Alliance...

The “Alliance” part. We hire each other; we keep the money flowing between us.

Guess how I found out?



BRA Member profiles have an entire section to add testimonials. I especially love featuring the ones that come from another BRA Member. Check out this little badge we created when BRA Members work together.

The other thing that gave me pause was the lack of testimonials provided by some pretty stellar business owners. What the what??

We need to stop feeling so shy about asking for a testimonial. I mean, I barely check out of my AirB&B or exit my Uber before I am asked for my feedback, and I don’t know these people at all.

Testimonials are actually an essential part of the sales process. Feedback and reflection are needed for growth, but also to make sure we are meeting the highest standards with our clients and customers, so that they will not only refer us, but want to work with us again and again.

The other reason they are absolutely essential is the reverse. Let me say that again...

Testimonials are an essential part of the purchasing process.

  • “How was that lobster roll from the Ragin’ Cajun?”

  • “Are those shoes comfortable?”

  • “Is Hamilton worth the cost of the tickets?” (Yes, yes it is.)

Regardless of the price tag of something, consumers are constantly seeking advice, referrals, and feedback on everything we spend money on, whether it be a taco or a hotel in Belize.

So why do we get all shy and bashful when it’s OUR TURN? I mean before I booked that AirB&B in NYC, I read about 6 testimonials. It’s common practice, so the time to be quiet is over. It’s time to be BOLD. Put yourself out there and just ask.

Here are some of my best tips on how to live boldly and ask — and how you can reciprocate, too!

How to ASK for a testimonial:

  1. Make it easy. Create an exit survey. Use Google Forms or SurveyMonkey and ask specific questions with clickable responses and leave only one section for a written response. (The best surveys should not take more than 3-5 minutes to complete.)

  2. Be timely and add a compliment. If someone is gushing about how happy they are with their photos or their new website, say something like, “You have been a dream client; it was a pleasure working with you. Would you feel comfortable writing me a quick testimonial?”

  3. Use what people are already saying. If someone gives you a shout out in their IG Stories or writes a FB post about your amazing handbag, ask if you can use it for a testimonial. Then they don’t have to do ANYTHING.

How to GIVE a good testimonial:

Don’t wait to be asked for one. Surprise that clothing designer, photographer or chef by going directly to their FB Business Page, Google for Business or LinkedIn and click on “Leave Feedback”. (This is great because it triggers the “Pay it Forward Testimonial” and the surprised receiver might just surprise you with one too or they might remember someone else who needs some surprise love!)

  1. Use their name or biz name in the testimonial. This makes it personal and humanizes the experience.

  2. Tag! Posting a photo and you happen to be wearing that cute new pair of earrings? Tag! them!

  3. Support each other! Shout it out when you find that great new resource or the new pair of flattering, yet oh-so-comfy leggings!

Get additional insights on testimonials plus a template for how to ask in, “What’s Your Rating? The Importance of Feedback and Testimonials for Your Business

Now go spread some love to your fellow entrepreneurs!



P.S. If you have a moment, please leave a testimonial about your experience with #BRAnetwork or one of our events!