PinkMahogHany: Artisan Fragrances & Aromatherapy by Chavalia

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Chavalia Dunlap-Mwamba is a scent translator who helps her clients experience pleasantry through perfumes, commercial business scenting and vehicle fragrances. She says Kenji, her third born angel baby is her motivation. She hopes her creations bear enough weight to reach the spirit realm.

When Chavalia started Pink MahogHany Fragrances, she wanted to provide personal fragrances (Eau de Parfums) as well as “Life Scent Solutions” (fragrance options for the home, commercial business establishment or vehicle) without the addition of phthalates or BHT. Both ingredients have been shown to adversely affect hormonal levels.

Pink Mahogoney

Quality ingredients make a quality product and Chavalia aims to educate her consumer about benefits of the ingredients in her products because she uses a lot of natural essences. Pink MahogHany bridges the gap between eco-friendly and luxury by incorporating recyclable and environmentally materials where applicable, but are still environmentally safe.

“I create my own natural tinctures to infiltrate my collection with that special touch of artisanship.”

Chavalia is proud to be a business owner and feels that it’s a badge of honor to be a female entrepreneur. She believes female entrepreneurs are finally receiving the recognition and respect that’s deserved. “I’m happy to be amongst a group of people who are making names for themselves and paving the way for future female entrepreneurs by paying their knowledge and expertise forward.”

Her mother instilled the desire in her to be free from the confines of a typical 8-5 job at a very early age and says her mom has always supported her endeavors and encouraged her to follow her passions and interests. Chavalia suggests that newly minted entrepreneurs find a mentor who can help them navigate the legal aspects of their businesses.

“Don’t be afraid to outsource for the tasks that aren’t necessarily in your lane and recognize when you need help, reaching out to your network without hesitation.”

Chavalia is thrilled to announce that Pink MahogHany is currently undergoing a makeover by way of a logo rebrand, so they are offering 40% off of all 50ml bottles that bear the soon to be revised logo! Get yours before they run out!

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