Women on the Rise 2019 Benefit Luncheon Highlights

Photo by: Bree McCool Photography; view more fabulous pictures from this event in our  Women on the Rise 2019  album

Photo by: Bree McCool Photography; view more fabulous pictures from this event in our Women on the Rise 2019 album

You know how you have your circle of friends -- the ones who always show up for you, but are also the ones you can text photos of yourself in a dressing room and ask, “Does this show too much back fat?”

And then you have the next wider circle filled with ladies who are friends, but it’s okay if they don’t know it’s your birthday until Facebook reminds them.

And then you have the even wider circle, where new friends are invited in by mutual friends, but you feel like you have known them forever because they are just so damn cool and the first thing you find you have in common is the desire to advance and empower women everywhere. 

That pretty much sums up the vibe at this year’s Women on the Rise luncheon! As ladies and the two gentlemen entered the gorgeous Annenberg Beach House, they found close friends, mutual friends and made new friends. 

We began to see how many of us have crossed paths at different events and how we are all part of so many different circles. It’s really the best type of networking. You meet some fabulous ladies through mutual friends and colleagues and, in the end, add some fabulous members to your circle. 

To say my heart is full is an understatement. Everyone who attended the Women on the Rise luncheon last week filled the room with pure joy! 

We all came out to acknowledge some pretty incredible ladies in our community, but also to support Dress for Success - West.

In fact, we exceeded our fundraising goal with a donation of $3,750!

We more than doubled our donation from last year!

Some of My Favorite Moments

Jen Proctor of Cultivated Entertainment

The Keynote Speaker, Jen Proctor, reminded us to honor our authentic relationships first and have compassion towards people we meet because we never know what journey they are on or what their story is.

Baily Hancock

Our Empowerment Leader, Baily Hancock, reminded us all to stop comparing ourselves to others, to unfollow the people that make us feel bad about ourselves and to stop letting doubt get in our way of getting something done today.

Her speech reminded me why she truly is a leader among us. She reiterated that sometimes our ‘good enough’ really is good enough and that you can surprise yourself when you turn what looks like competition on the surface into a new collaboration.

Baily told us she’s even collaborating with a podcast host who also, ironically, runs a podcast under the same name as Baily’s (Stop, Collaborate & Listen).

Saren Steigel

Saren Steigel, who is not only a vision in beautiful navy blue, but she’s also a Visionary Leader. She leads by example. Saren reminded us that we possess the power to do good in the lives of others.

She told us how she left her job as a lawyer because she was unhappy and was making everyone around her miserable and that’s when she started her business. But then she realized that her happiness and fulfillment reached a cap when she was only working for the betterment of herself.

That’s when she decided to use her business to empower other women, everywhere. Major "light bulb" moments, here!

Rachael Parker-Chavez of Defining: good

And Rachael Parker-Chavez, Woman on the Rise indeed! She very simply and powerfully stated that in order for us to advance as women in business, we need to advance all women in business. Rachael told us of a young woman she mentors who wants to eventually become a small business owner -- she wants to run a dog grooming business!

Rachael said that she thinks this young woman might even be a future BRA member and that she sees this whole future as a possibility if we all continue to work together to empower and support all women, everywhere.

Equality through the advancement of all women is the next phase and it is the shared responsibility of all female empowerment groups everywhere. My heart swelled when Rachael stated that our network was already achieving this. 

Traci Cox of ONEhope Wines

Post Event Perks

Raise your hand if you are loving your Happiness Planner? 

Our Guest Giving Bag was filled with some really fun and useful (those Strap Dragons!) goodies. 

Our wine sponsor Traci Cox of One Hope, provided a lovely, crisp rosé for the lunch, which paired well with the incredible food prepared by Schaffer catering. Who knew a tortilla stack could look so pretty!

Most importantly, One Hope wines pairs each of their varietals with a charity; our rosé gave back to Ovarian Cancer Research. They also contributed to our fundraising total by donating 10% of their sales back to DFS - West!

BONUS: if you buy a case of any type of One Hope wine, Traci will donate 10% back to Dress for Success! Yay!

Shop the link below, join the Grapeful Club, and purchase at least half a case of your favorite wine through Wed, 3/20:

If this was your first time attending a BRA Event and you aren’t a member yet, head over to the website and find a membership level that provides the right amount support for you and your business.

Use the promo code: RISE and get 10% off AND a portion of each new membership will go back to Dress for Success - West.

What’s Next?

Check out our Events Calendar for the latest offers from members in the BRA Network and from women in our extended community. 

I hope to see you again soon!


Carrie Murray, Founder
BRA - Business Relationship Alliance