What’s Your Rating? The Importance of Feedback and Testimonials for Your Business

Aziz Ansari, the comedian, did a great stand-up bit about Millennials and how they research everything before making any decision. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. But he raises a good point that we can all apply to our businesses: Testimonials and feedback are essential in the growing social and shared economy.

Millennials are already the largest generation in the workforce today and they are on their way to giving Baby Boomers the boot as the largest population, period. (Sorry, Boomers.) And Millennials do their research! So, if the biggest population of consumers on the planet uses reviews and testimonials to find everything from handwoven, ethically-sourced flip flops made from daisies, to the best vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO taco, there better be content for them to read.

Carrie Murray, founder of BRA - Business Relationship Alliance

Here are THREE doable ways to incorporate testimonials and feedback into the marketing of your business:

1. Be bold and ask. Ask for feedback, testimonials, or just the plain old truth. I haven’t been graded and evaluated since my job as a teacher where I had to sit through what was called a “365 review,” where they reviewed me on everything. Side note, here’s the real sad part: As a public school teacher, only about 40% of what you are reviewed on is what is actually happening in the classroom. But as business owners, we get to ask our clients for the relevant feedback we want and need to do better.

2. Be prepared to hear the good and bad. If you ask for the truth, make sure you can handle it first. It’s not always going to be easy to digest, but that’s how we grow and adapt. Constructive criticism is key to improving, so don’t take it personally. Just remember that without honest feedback, we would just keep moving along in the slow lane, unlikely to grow.

3. Support each other and give testimonials. Testimonials and reviews fuel decisions made by potential clients. Just think back to your last Postmates order. Before you’d even closed the door on your delivery person, you got pinged for a review. As important as it is to ask for feedback and testimonials, support your fellow BRA members and friends by offering to give your two cents. If they say no, then there’s no need to push. But chances are, the other person was probably just too shy to ask. In which case, refer them to point number one.

These three tips are very easy ways to make sure you’re integrating client feedback into how your business is perceived. If you start asking for feedback and preparing yourself to use it constructively, you’ll infuse your brand with that authenticity and familiarity Millennials are looking for. And, of course, offering your feedback to fellow BRA members is just another way to keep our resources flowing between us, within our community.

Finally, it shouldn't feel awkward. One of the easiest ways to approach getting new reviews or testimonials is to ask for a favor and give something in return. For example... 

Can I ask a favor? If you're having a great time, and getting a lot out the BRA community, take a minute and write a testimonial. Share it on our official Facebook page or shoot me an email.

Even better, take a video with your phone sharing what you love most about being a BRA member! The best way to do this:

  • set up a tripod or stabilizer for your phone and sit a few feet back
  • ensure you're brightly lit and in front of a simple background, nothingcluttered or distracting
  • turn your phone sideways to capture the horizontal view versus up 'n down
  • bring the real; showcase the most genuine version of YOU in the video

You'll help other lady bosses find their way to BRA and strengthen our network. Now that's a win/win! BONUS: Get tips on how to make an effective testimonial video for YOUR business.

See how easy that was? 😉