My Kaleidoscope Project

Agoura Hills, CA






"Supporting the emotional health of middle school girls by equipping them with tools for life."


This seems like a program that would be very beneficial to all schools & communities and could be a contributing factor to building a better society. I would like to see this program get the support necessary to launch. - Maureen Kaye, MFT

Amber Olsen is the answer to many issues our teen girls face today. Soroptimist International Simi Valley is happy be a supporter of My Kaleidoscope Project by getting her into schools in Simi Valley. She has a special way of connecting with the girls in a comfortable and caring way. I have personally seen Amber in action with teen girls and I am extremely impressed with her effectiveness. Go Amber!!!! - Amy Corneau, Valley View Middle School PTA President

Research shows that middle school girls are much less likely to take on leadership roles than their male peers. Why? Middle school girls report that they don’t want to be noticed, are embarrassed to speak up, and they have very little confidence in their abilities. The Kaleidoscope project is all about fixing that! Amber teaches middle school girls how to talk about their feelings in a constructive way, how to cope with the plethora of feelings girls this age deal with daily, and how to diffuse tense situations so they can be productive and confident. Amber is not just a cheerleader for these girls; she gives them tools to use so that they can become their best selves. Amber interacts with the girls in a way that is open, honest, and warm. The girls in her group respond well to her and feel comfortable sharing. She has a way of relating to them that is truly magical. Any girl who has the opportunity to go through the Kaleidoscope project grows and becomes more confident. As the metaphor of the Kaleidoscope shows, we are all broken into many different pieces, but once we recognize the beauty and complexity of those pieces, we can truly see how all those pieces come together to create something beautiful and strong. Amber helps girls see how all their hurts and all the pieces of themselves fit so beautifully together to create strong, independent, confident young women. - Traci Bowden, Valley View Middle School 7th Grade History, English, and Peer Programs

The Kaleidoscope has been life changing and has taught my daughter life skills that she will be able to take with her throughout her life. It has given her a since of belonging at such a tough age with girls her age that are experiencing similar situations. Amber also taught my daughter how to set boundaries for herself and others. The class has given her coping skills to help her during this tough stage in her life. It has also increased her self confidence. The program also helped her deal with ending friendships and has educated her on what a healthy friendship should look and feel like. - Sandra Jennings, Mom

It has helped me a lot. It has helped me express myself. - Katie, age 12

This class helped me a lot, I feel like there has been a big difference between the beginning of the year and now. - Snigdha, age 13

I feel like I can sort out my emotions and feelings. - Jordan, age 13

My communication as risen since now I know how to defend myself. - Rebecca, Age 13